• What is an open air photo booth?
    An open air photo booth does not have the constraints and restrictions of your typical photo booth. This allows more people to get into a picture or more room for a person to “strike a pose”! This is the booth without a box and is the new modern photo booth.
  • How much space is required to set-up?
    We would prefer a 15 x 15 area to accommodate the equipment and all the props and costumes but we can work in less space if required. We do require an electrical outlet. If no electricity is available we can provide a generator for an additional charge.
  • Can you set-up outdoors?
    The quick answer is yes. However, we need to know ahead of time so that we can plan accordingly.  We will need a level area to set-up and electrical outlet. If electricity is not available a generator can be provided for an additional fee. We prefer a covered area but we do have a tent that can be used. For safety reasons, if it is windy we will not set-up. 
  • What type of events do you do?
    We will set-up at pretty much any event. Foto Magic Hawaii is perfect for wedding receptions, birthday parties, corporate events, trade shows/expos, baby’s 1st birthday, proms, graduations, holiday parties, grand-openings, retirement parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, anniversaries, baby showers, special events, reunions and fundraisers.
  • How do I reserve my event?
    We require a non-refundable $99 deposit to book your event.  This is required to block off the calendar and lock in your event date and time. The balance is due no later than 10 days prior to your event. We accept all forms of credit/debit cards. If you need to change your booked date we will apply the full $99 deposit as long as we are given at least a 15 day notice prior to your original scheduled date.

What’s included

  • Is setting up and taking down the booth included in the time I pay for?
    You do not pay for the set-up and take down.  The time you pay for is the time we are actually set-up and taking photos with your guests.  Set up and break down take approximately and hour each.  If you need the set-up and/or take down to be earlier or later than you just pay for down time. 
  • How many prints of photos do my guests receive?
    We do provide unlimited prints for your guests which means each person in the photo will receive a print.  If we are busy we will ask the guest to come back when there is no line to pick up additional prints. This way we keep the line moving, more of your guests get to enjoy the photo booth and we keep actively busy during your entire event.
  • What type of printer do you use?
    Dye-sublimation printer. A dye sublimation printer is a commercial grade compact photo lab that prints high quality photos like you would get from a commercial photo lab such as Costco or Walmart. Our printers print photos that are water and finger print resistant, UV protected up to 50 years (No Fading), and they print out in under 10 seconds. A dye-sublimation is not a cheap ink-jet printer.
  • What props are included?
    Too many to list.  We have movie accurate props to coincide with our themes and we have the standard silly and goofy props too.  The standard/goofy props include signs, giant sunglasses, funky hats, inflatables, etc.  Please view our PROPS page for more detailed information.
  • Do you provide an on-line photo gallery?
    Yes, we do and it’s included in the rate. The gallery can be open to the public meaning that anyone can view the photos or we can password protect the gallery for your privacy.

Backgrounds, Themes and Borders

  • What is a background?
    The background is literally the image that shows up behind you in the photograph. We have 1,000’s of backgrounds that you or your guests can choose from.  They can be theme related backgrounds, an exotic locale, color based or custom made for your event.
  • What is a theme?
    A theme is a specific category of backgrounds that correlate with our props. Let’s say you love Star Trek and want to be in a Star Trek scene.  We have backgrounds and props that are specific to Star Trek.  That would be considered a Star Trek theme. We have numerous themes that you or your guests can use. For specific themes that are offered please see our THEMES page
  • How many backgrounds do I get to use?
    You can choose specific backgrounds for your event but we would suggest that you allow your guests to have their choice of backgrounds.  The only time time we would deviate from that suggestion is if you require a specific background to fit your event theme.
  • How many themes can I use?
    Just like the backgrounds, you can have them all! No reason to have to limit yourself unless you are trying to match a theme for your event.  We bring the props and costumes and your guests select what they would like to use.
  • What is a border or overlay?
    A border or overlay is an image, tag line or logo that we place over your photo. It can go discretely in the corner or can be used as a frame of sorts. Clients elect to use this to help immortalize a specific event such as a baby’s first birthday or a company event with a corporate logo.

Add-ons and Extras

  • Idle time or standby time
    Idle time or standby time is for when you want the booth to be closed during certain times during an event or for early set-up or late take down. For example:

    4:00 – 5:00 Your guests arrive for reception (photo booth is open)

    5:00 – 6:00 Formal presentations and dinner is served (photo booth is closed – this is considered idle time)

    6:00 – 9:00 Open networking (photo booth is open)

    Idle time is billed at a lower hourly rate then when the booth is openly active.

  • Generator
    We can provide a generator for venues that do not have electricity available.

Help in choosing a green screen photography company

  • Printer
    You want to go with a company that uses a dye-sublimation printer. This is the industry standard. The prints have a special UV coating that delays fading as a results of direct sunlight. They are water and fingerprint resistant right off the printer. Dye-sub printers produce lab quality results. These are the same type of printers that you will find in commercial photo centers such as Costco or Walmart. Do not settle for anything inferior to a dye sublimation printers such as an inkjet printer.
  • Props
    When selecting a green screen photography company you definitely want to know what props are available and if they are included in the quoted rate. I would also verify that the props are cleaned between events.
  • Backgrounds
    Ask how many backgrounds are provided with your package. Are you able to choose multiple backgrounds for your event? Is there a charge for multiple backgrounds? Can you guests choose their own backgrounds? Is a personalized background and/or overlay included or is that an additional cost?
  • Delivery Fee
    Typically, the delivery is free but we all know how big and remote the Big Island is. If you event is outside the companies normal operating area you might be charged a delivery fee or your event might have to meet a minimum hourly threshold. When you are requesting a quote make sure to let the company know the location of your event.
  • Set-up
    Setting up and taking down of the booth should be included in all packages from every company that you are looking at and should take approximately an hour for each. If you would like to have everything set-up earlier or taken down later then an additional cost often referred to as idle time would be incurred. If set-up is not included then run and run fast!
  • Idle Time
    Ask about the hourly rate for idle time. This should be billed less than the hourly rate for the booth being open.
  • Online Photo Gallery
    Find out if an on-line photo gallery is included with your package. Some companies include this feature, some do not and others may charge additional for it. Hosting for a photo gallery can vary greatly from company to company such as hosting on their own website to Facebook or some other photo hosting site. Look for a gallery that is easy to navigate, posts high resolution photos and offers the ability to password protect your gallery (for your privacy) if you so choose.
  • Pictures
    Will you receive a copy of all the photos that were taken at your event? Some companies will provide a CD, DVD or USB drive of all your images as part of the package while other companies will charge for this feature and some do not offer it at all. Make sure you know before you book your event.